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Unveiling the Writer

I knew from a very young age that writing would always play an important role in my life. From poems, song lyrics, and children's books, to now releasing my first self published novel. More than I found myself writing as an escape in my younger years, writing has been something I couldn't avoid. In my quietest moments the words just seemed to be constantly soaring through my head. Now in my 30's, those words have seemed to connect themselves and piece by piece I've managed to find my way.

In 2017 I wrote a children's book (not yet published) that my children begged me to read to them night after night. It was such an impactful time for me, realizing that even my own sons found interest in my work. Something I once classified as a hobby turned into my life's purpose. I realized my true connection to this earth has been within my words.

I have always dabbled in writing but never pursued my true dreams as an author. In 2020 I realized nothing in my life had been complete because I never referred to myself as "Tiffanie the Author". Today, though, a different story rings true and I'm excited to share my stories with you and even more excited to open these new doors. 

About Me: About Me
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